Our Services

Smooth Stone provides the concrete flooring finishing services of grinding, polishing and sealing for various applications and these include...


  • Laser Grinding – where grinding floors to a super flat specification is required. It is ideal for warehouses and high bay storage.


Our customers includes...

  • Builders
  • Retailers
  • Warehouse and distribution centres
  • New home builders
  • Commercial demolition companies
  • Commercial flooring contractors and layers
  • Food processors
  • Developers
  • Shopping centre managers

Grinding is the first step of preparation, polishing depends on the end use of the floor.

Flooring isn’t always polished but where a very hard wearing surface and economical in life cycle is important, such as in shopping centres this finish is ideal for that application

Whatever your hard surface flooring needs you’ll find a professional solution with Smooth Stone. Contact us today or visit our detailed services page to find out more.