Laser Grinding

Smooth Stone is proud to be the only Australian owned company to provide laser controlled concrete grinding.

The HTC Automatic Levelling Laser System enables us to grind Very Flat and Super Flat concrete floors critical to warehouses and high bay storage. A flat and level floor allows fork lifts and material handling equipment operate safely and efficiently reducing stock damage and fork truck maintenance.

Smooth Stone can survey your slab for flatness and levelness before and after using a Dipstick®. Recognised worldwide as the instrument of record for accurate and repeatable flatness/levelness measurements, this provides a survey result of your floor in both F-Numbers and the 'Gap Under The Straightedge'.

The now flat floor can be treated with a basic hardener/sealer through to Smooth Stone polished concrete spec for the ultimate in hard wearing and low life cycle cost.

Concrete joints and expansions can be repaired and returned to service within the hour with our fast cure Polyurea joint compound.

Grinding the floor flat is preferred for fork truck floors then levelling overlays as there is no waiting to return the floor to service and if levelling compounds not correctly installed can delaminate leading to long down times to rectify.

Smooth Stone can rectify concrete floors that do not meet the tighter tolerances now being specified to receive resilient coverings, large format tiles and timber floors without the need and down time of levelling compounds.